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Coastal Inspiration Chair Makeover

Mad Crazy Intro You know how you can tell it’s Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest time? Because you got a notification […]

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Chalk Paint Cabinet Makeover With Extra Bling

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you’ve been as busy as I have – for some reason, I have been in […]

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Gorgeous Armoire Makeover | Pure&Original Paint | FFFC |C&C

Gorgeous Armoire Makeover

Gory Details & Legalese Hey again everyone! I’m back with another entry into the monthly Fab Furniture Flippin Contest. This […]

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Fab Furniture Flippin Contest | Fairfield World

Cabinet Makeover - Mixed Media

Why I’m Here One of the things I love most about the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest is that while there […]

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About Me

When I was in high school, I liked this quiet broody boy who didn’t know I was alive (I thought). He was my friend, but way out of my league. So I never told him, we graduated, and went our separate ways. When I was 36, we crossed paths again, and it turns out he was this boy who liked me in high school, but I was way out of his league. I quit my job, upended my life, and moved halfway across the country to be near him – best decision ever. We’re married now and live in a frickin zoo of his three boys (spanning middle school to college), my daughter (in elementary), three cats, and a dog.

Ask me why I drink.

My house looks like a warzone almost all the time. I never stop tearing things apart, building new things, painting and repainting, or just making stuff. I fail more than I succeed, and I’m fine with that. Though I should probably, you know, get rid of the failed projects or something. We’re not perfect, we’re just doing our best. Want to hang out? It’s a BYOB party. I don’t share my habanero vodka.