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    Blogger, DIYer, Crafter, Amateur Photographer, Wine Drinker. Probably Wine Drinker should have been listed first, in the way that ingredients on food are listed in order by quantity. Basically I'm full of wine. I sometimes say inappropriate things. And I make jokes. Like constantly. They're not all good. Fair warning. Still curious? Read More
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RecipeCollage   A collection of yummy recipes I've put together for you!

DIY, Crafts, & Decorated Sweets

CakeCraftCollage   My house looks like a construction zone at all times, because I never stop updating & modifying everything - when I'm not making crafts, that is.  See my projects here.

Initials, Inc Products

Initials Inc Organizer Caddy I'm a qualified creative partner with Initials, Inc.  There's a reason I love this company, and these products so much.  Check out my organizational projects and product reviews here.

Crafting Makes Everyone Happy Giveaway 07.29.14-07.30.14 http://www.cupcakesandcrowbars.com

Instagram Giveaway Today!

Crafting Makes Everyone Happy Giveaway!   Good morning all!   Just a quick note to let y’all know I’ve joined forces with nine other bloggers for an Instagram giveaway today!  Crafting Makes Everyone Happy!  Join me on Instagram @cupcakesandcrowbars at Noon sharp, CST for details.

Mindset Mondays, a Weekly Feature from Cupcakes&Crowbars

Mindset Mondays Pt 3: Release

Mindset Mondays, A Weekly Inspirational Feature     Week three of the Mindset Mondays series is live!  This weeks card is:  Release.   On a small scale, this was weighing on me today quite a bit. I took yesterday completely off from working on my blog.  I never take a whole day off!  I woke
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Easy and fast homemade garlic croutons from http://www.cupcakesandcrowbars.com

Recipe: Easy Homemade Garlic Croutons

Easy Homemade Garlic Croutons I know I’ve mentioned this once or a thousand times, but I LOATHE going to the store. Hate it. So I often find ways to make things at home that I’m missing. And yes – I will spend more time making it than it would probably take for me to just
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A fun advent style countdown calendar from http://www.cupcakesandcrowbars.com

Craft: DIY Advent Style Countdown Calendar

Advent-Style Countdown Calendar My seven year old daughter went out of state for five weeks to visit her dad recently.  While she absolutely adores him, she looks forward to being back home and in the routine of things.  Before she left, she asked me to make a calendar for her to countdown the days she
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Mindset Mondays, A Self Improvement Journey with http://www.cupcakesandcrowbars.com

Mindset Mondays Pt 2: Believe

  Mindset Mondays Pt 2: Believe   If you missed the first week of this Mindset Mondays feature, go read up so we’re all on the same page. Get it? Page? Because it’s a website? And you have to go to another page, then come back to this page? No? Ok.  Go read it anyway.
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Stories and wonderings from my corner of Texas. http://www.cupcakesandcrowbars.com

The Texas Chronicles 07.19.14

  My husband and I both work from home.  During the school year, we get up at 6:00am (Central Time), get the kids off to school, and start on our day. Carlos is the type of guy who will sleep anywhere, anytime, for however long he can. He LOVES to sleep. Me? Not so much.
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20 Beautiful Projects & Room Makeovers Using Stencils

20 FABULOUS Stencil Projects

20 FABULOUS Stencil Projects I started wandering around looking for inspiration for paint projects, and was so wowed, I had to share.  These bloggers work hard and create such beauty – makes me want to run out and get more stencils … and paint … and brushes … and creativity … and … you get
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The Texas Chronicles

The Texas Chronicles 07.16.14

In today’s edition of The Texas Chronicles, we join the two teenage boys mid-discussion. Tonight, at dinner, E was challenging J to find a Weinerschnitzel on his own: E (14): No, no, it’s a challenge! You have to go find your way without any Google Maps, or any navigators! I don’t think you can get
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20 Cleaning and Organizing Tips www.cupcakesandcrowbars.com

20 Cleaning and Organizing Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

20 Cleaning and Organizing Tips          

Part One of My Haven Recap from www.cupcakesandcrowbars.com

Haven 2014 Recap, Part 1: Confessions of a Fraidycat

I attended another blogger conference in April 2014, and it was mindblowing and awesome, and I wanted more. The people I met kept asking “Are you going to Haven?” Being as new as I am to blogging (and conferences!), I’d not heard of it. I checked out the Haven page as soon as I got
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