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Nana's Old Cabinet Makeover | Fab Furniture Flippin Contest | General Finishes Chalk Paint

Look Who's Fancy Now: Chalk Paint Cabinet Makeover

Hint: Use the slider above to compare before & after! Sometimes, things you’d given up on just need a fresh […]

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Cupcakes&Crowbars 2016

Letting Go Of Everything

I was feeling pretty stressed out a couple days ago. By a couple days ago, I mean for the past […]

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Silhouette Challenge Holiday Gift Tags | C&C

Fun Holiday Gift Tags - Free Print and Cut

Hi friends! As you know, I sporadically participate in the monthly Silhouette Challenge hosted by some very lovely ladies. My […]

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Overstock's Ten Best Cyber Monday Jewelry Deals

Holy wow you guys! I found things on Overstock that I didn’t even know I wanted, but I am a […]

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About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you, more than you can imagine. It’s kind of weird doing things in life and then taking extra steps to be like, HEY LOOK WHAT I DID, GUYS! It’s just … an odd life. And I love it. I’ve got four kids – three boys and one girl. The boys I inherited after a chance meeting with an old high school crush (a couple decades later, coughcough) turned into … my life. The girl, well, I made her. Living with a mini version of myself, snark and all, has been an adventure in itself. Taking over mom duties for three half-grown boys hasn’t been ALL¬†sunshine and rainbows, but surprisingly it is super cool and fun almost always. I’m learning lots along the way, and am sharing with you my recipes, organizational tips, and the odd craft that I squeeze in amongst it all. Grab a glass of wine, and hang out with me for awhile. And remember, bottles are glass. So you could, you know, grab a bottle of wine and hang out with me. No judgment here.

So, yeah. More stuff about me because you’re like DYING to know more, RIGHT? People say I’m funny. I say doesn’t everyone advise the use of samurai swords to chop veggies, and unicorn juice to spice up your soups? I regularly tell my kids to pack their things and go sit on the curb, someone from Craigslist will be along shortly to pick them up. I spring out of bed in the mornings, but I also stay up half the night. I do lots of¬†things … sometimes I even remember to blog about them. I’m forever working on being better today than I was yesterday. I curse sometimes. I drink wine more than I probably should. I absolutely LOVE people. Even the mean ones. We’re all here to learn something, or be the teacher, in every situation.