Cupcakes & Crowbars


You know how one day you look around yourself and realize you're going to DIE if you have to look at this boring old room for one more day? Hate the paint? Hate the furniture?

That day has come for Cupcakes&Crowbars. We've begun a makeover, and are relaunching soon.


Less pandering to the perceived masses; no, wait, NO more pandering.
**(Hey, look at this craft I didn't really know how to make, and would never actually have in my house, but holy shit if this doesn't get me to trend on Pinterest I don't know what will!)

Less hella annoying filler text; more supremo awesome REAL SHIT. (Disclaimer: there won't be any actual poop. Because GROSS.)
**You know how you go to look up a recipe and want to fling yourself off a goddamn bridge while scrolling past the twelfth paragraph of a story you literally DO NOT CARE about? Yeah. Not doing that. Storytime will be elsewhere, because no chance I'm shutting up. It just won't be a Lifetime Movie narration when you just want to know how to make a super yummy frickin buttercream.

No MEH; All YEH! (I don't care, make it work.)
I'll be honest, I don't know exactly what this looks like just yet. What I DO know is if I feel MEH about it ... I'm not going to force it. No one ends up happy that way. NO ONE.


We got tired of EVERYTHING and are changing it all up. Check back for our new face soon! In the meantime, check out the varied forms of avoidance I've been indulging in, on Instagram.