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You know how you can tell it's Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest time? Because you got a notification that I wrote a post. You could say I've been taking it REALLY easy this year. More on that later, like next week when – GASP – I actually start working again. Exciting things in the pipeline that I'll be sharing with you soon. I digress.

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It bothers me to no end when this information is “hidden” – I prefer to just get it out there right in the beginning so you know what's what: I received a free sample of Saltwash to create a project for this contest. I signed up willingly, because I wanted to test the product out – I'd heard some good things! All opinions are my own and honest – if I don't like a product, I'll let you know. Some or all of the hosts of The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest receive monetary and/or product compensation from the sponsoring brand, Saltwash, in order to complete their themed projects. Saltwash and their sister company, Saltwater Salvage Designs, will also provide the prize package for the contest winner.

This month's victim


Coastal Inspirations Chair Makeover with Saltwash | C&C

The cool thing about having friends that know you like to flip furniture: every time they're about to get rid of something, they check in first to see if it can be of use. My dear friend Aimee was going to discard this well loved (AND OMG SO HEAVY) recliner and I snapped it right up. It then came to live in my garage for a good three months or so before I tackled it. I have a habit of sort of sitting on things until inspiration strikes. Get it? Sitting on things. IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE IT'S A CHAIR.

Coastal Inspirations Chair Makeover with Saltwash | C&C

This little love needed a fair amount of TLC.

Product Details: Coastal Inspirations theme with Saltwash

I'd heard of Saltwash in a vague sort of way, but to be honest, I didn't really understand what it was, exactly. Turns out it's this witty little powder additive that turns the paint of your choice into a 3-D Texture machine. The specific 3-D texture being that of the lovely weathered, beat-up look that happens to items exposed to the sea air for an extended period of time. As a Southern California native who bleeds saltwater instead of blood – Saltwash has been a legitimate tug on the heartstrings for this landlocked Texas transplant. There was a bit of a learning curve for me with Saltwash. Since I know this is a thing with me and new products sometimes, I mixed in small batches until I figured it out. Or at least I think I figured it out. I like my final result, so I suppose that's all that matters. The cool thing is that you can use Saltwash with any paint – ANY PAINT. Well not spray paint, technically, because you do have to be able to get to the paint itself and add the Saltwash. I've gotten bored sometimes waiting for things to dry and have actually read the back of the spray paint cans – you are NOT supposed to open those things! Focus, Dee, focus. Although Saltwash does give a general guideline for paint to Saltwash ratio, due to the varying composition in paint – you really do have to just get in there and start experimenting. Sound intimidating? I thought so, too – but it's really so easy. Here's a how-to video from the Saltwash people themselves to give you an idea.

What I did wrong the first two times had to do with improper consistency – that's why I recommend mixing a small batch to start, in case you get it wrong and have to start over. Which if you do is also TOTALLY NOT A BIG DEAL – after it dries, you can just put more right on top! After mixing and applying the paint mixture, then smoothing down the peaks, the Saltwash should look like this:


Wait for it to dry, then paint with your chosen shade. You want to plan out your Saltwash color as well as the top coat of paint, making sure they contrast somewhat. You could also do what Colleen at 58 Water Street did for her host project (a super cool cabinet makeover): this smarty pants layered two complimentary blues over her Saltwash and when she sanded it down – GAH! You just have to go look – it's gorgeous.



Here's my chair arm, post Saltwash, paint, and sanding. I think it looks super cool! Like the OCEAN ACTUALLY PERSONALLY PHYSICALLY ATTACKED MY CHAIR ARM FOR A COUPLE YEARS.



I will say the one place where Saltwash fails miserably is in the complete absence of a warning label indicating how FREAKING ADDICTIVE THIS PROCESS CAN BE. I built & Saltwashed a small shelf for the wall (not pictured, because, well, I did it wrong and it's kinda sucky). Then I built and Saltwashed (yeah, it's a verb now, accept it) this private beach sign. Did I stop? No I did not.


Then I found some bamboo bowls on clearance … so I Saltwashed & painted those, too.


Look how cool that texture came out! I am so enamored. I really really love things that are different and unique. You may have noticed that if you've followed any of my previous furniture renovations. I would rather chop off my hands than shabby-chic paint a frickin nightstand. I mean HONESTLY how many ways are there to distress a two drawer nightstand? Zzzzz … but give me a unique, one of a kind paint job, stencil job, or like this – a whole new way to use paint to add a cool effect – I AM SO IN.


Then I attacked a mercury glass vase. Not like a real one worth money or anything, but it was definitely shiny and silvery and I did not like it one bit.


That's another bamboo bowl – I used a dark metallic cream over the Saltwash on this one, and it turned out so boss applesauce.


There is literally no point in these last two photos, but I took them and edited them, and I will not have my work go to waste, dammit.

So you enjoy them, ok? And go get yourself some Saltwash. Because holy hell. That's why. And one last thing … it would be SUPER if you wanted to pop on over to 58 Water Street and click the little heart on my project to vote for me. Or vote for whoever has a project you absolutely love – doesn't have to be mine.

If you've reached the end of this post and felt a bit sad that you aren't doing these boss contests – never fear! If you are an active blogger who would like to join up, just shoot an email over to the lovely ladies in charge at

Speaking of those same lovely ladies, do be sure to check out their host projects:

Colleen at 58 Water Street

Thea at Sweet Tea Refinishing

Carrie at Thirty Eighth Street

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Until next time, my lovelies.


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