DIY Anthropologie Style Pendant Light

I like to do this thing where I look through the Anthropologie catalog and pretend I have Kardashian money. Because that's basically the kind of bank balance you need to shop at the places with the most beautiful stuff. I mean, I want my house to look classy, but if I bought what I wanted from Anthropologie … we'd be homeless, dressed in rags, with a FANTASTIC collection of furniture and housewares. One of my favorites this season is this breathtakingly beautiful chandelier – specifically, Coppice Shell Pendant … for like a thousand dollars.

Night View of Coppice Shell Pendant Lamp
(This photo courtesy of

DIY Light fixture? Because why wouldn't I?

This light is stunning – according to the website, it's comprised of hand cut shells, edged in iron, and assembled like stained glass panels for a 3-D flower effect. That's not in my budget, yo. But I really, really, wanted it for my dining room, to Class It Up (this month's Fab Furniture Flippin Contest theme, HOLLA)! Prior to this, I had that really stunning contractor installed chandelier thing … you know the one. Hung off center in the room, eating light bulbs like Pac-Man eats pellets. So, I improvised. And came up with this:

DIY Paper Lantern Pendant Light

BEHOLD: My fantastic (If I do say so myself, AND I DO) knock off! You know those times where you envision what your project will look like when you're finished, and it actually turns out that way? Well, as of this post – I know what that feels like, too!

Look at it. I KNOW. It was so easy – maaaaaybe a teensy-weensy bit time consuming, I'm not going to lie to you. But totally worth it! I mean, a total output of under $65 versus nearly $3k – that's pretty good!


Three Chinese style paper lanterns (Amazon has a smoking deal on a 5-pack)
Three hanging/pendant light cords
Three 50-packs translucent vellum paper
Metallic Silver Sharpies (I went through 5)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Light Bulbs (no brighter than 60w)
Cutting machine such as Silhouette or Cricut (must be able to cut .svg files)

Step One: Cut A Billion Flowers to Represent Coppice Shells

I hand-drew the lotus shape I wanted to use and converted it to an svg file (which I am sharing with you), then put my Silhouette Cameo to work cutting, oh a trillion or so flowers from the vellum. Seriously, it was A LOT.

Trio of pendant lights inspired by coppice shell pendant lamps.

Step Two: Create Iron Edging

After cutting, I traced around the edge of each flower with a Sharpie, to simulate the iron edging on the real Anthropologie light. Who knew Sharpies doubled as low budget iron edging? YOU'RE WELCOME. When the ink was dry, I glued a small flower inside a large flower, then started gluing them on the paper lantern. Who knew Sharpies doubled as budget iron edging? Well now you know.

anthropologie inspired pendant lamps

Step Three: Attach Lights, Plug In, ENJOY YOUR MASTERPIECE!

I liked them so much, I made three! And also, I really wanted to create the same effect I saw in the gorgeous store photos. After assembly, just one thing was missing: I needed the perfect lights for inside! Cue D Lawless Hardware to the rescue! I ordered some 60w tube lights from them, and they are PERFECT! I love ordering from D Lawless – the shipping is always fast, my products are hand packed, and the customer service is beyond compare. They also have great prices and tons of fun/beautiful/classy/whimsical/minimalist/maximalist (is too a thing, shut up) hardware for cabinetry, trunks, and more – including these badass lightbulbs (which, incidentally, are like 67% off right now).

(Photo courtesy of

Step Four: Enjoy them SOME MORE when it gets dark

DIY Paper Lantern Night View


I now have two confessions: One, I had two other projects planned for this same post – I was going to give you a triple whammy. However, one of them fell SPECTACULARLY apart, and the other … well it never did quite come together properly. The good news is, the one I broke, I also fixed, and will be posting soon, with all the gory details. Second confession: I busted my wrist up yesterday, and it is killing me to type this out. WAAAAAAAH. Seriously, though, this HURTS. So. I shall give you a bit more information, then close up shop and rest my wrist. After it recovers, I have tons of step by steps and tips for you, in addition to the two other projects I mentioned.

Anthropologie Coppice Inspired Lamps with DLawless Hardware

Legalese and Things

This post was made possible by the generosity of D Lawless Hardware in cooperation with the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest. All contestants and the hosts have been compensated with product or payment. I myself received the gorgeous lightbulbs I used in these – admit it – AMAZING lights! If you're a regular blogger who would like to participate in the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest, contact the lovely admin team at

Be sure to check out this months host, Colleen and see what she whipped up from D Lawless!

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