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You know those times when you feel a bit stagnant in life? We all go through them, and we all have different strategies for making it out of the funk. My tried and true strategy: take on something completely out of my wheelhouse. Challenging myself to creatively dive into new arenas always manages to kick start everything else. Kind of blows the dust out of the gears, you know?

I was deep into this mode early this month when an opportunity presented itself to partner with Minted for a project – the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest, to be exact. This month's contest featured hosts are both so insanely talented – Stacy at Anastasia Village and Colleen at 58 Water Street. (If you're a blogger who would like to participate in future Fab Furniture Flippin' Contests, please email

You've probably heard of Minted – they're everywhere! And rightly so, because they make the most gorgeous cards, announcements, invitations – you get it. I even knew that Minted did pretty art for your walls. So when I miraculously made the cut for the contest this month, I was curious how I would incorporate either greeting cards or art into furniture.

Turns out, I was NOT going to be doing that. This month's challenge is Take A Seat – incidentally, did you know Minted makes fabric? Like, MAKES IT? Custom prints it when you order? Their designs come from artists who submit their work in a monthly competition. The winners (chosen by user votes) have their designs put into the Minted shop. Pretty cool to know that any old person could potentially reach rockstar status like that. Ok, I know I'm beating the Minted thing to death here, but bear with me. Once you choose your fabric design, you can actually change the THE COLORS. WHAT. WHAT. Each print has several different color options available – you can click through them and see the different iterations before you make your final decision. It truly is custom-made just for you. You may not be dying a thousand deaths of coolness … but I sure did.

Refocusing: I was given a fabric allowance and chose this fun and whimsical pattern. (Quick Note: Some or all of the hosts of the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest received product compensation from Minted in order to complete these themed projects. Minted is also providing the prize for the contest winner.)

My Project

My initial plan had been to recover my dining chairs and do a quick reno on my dining table. Once my fabric arrived, however, I decided against subjecting the velvety soft cotton to the abuse that my children (three boys and a girl, ranging from 8 to 18) would mete out. With two meals minimum per day eaten at the table … that's a whole lot of kids behinds roughing the place up. I envisioned the fabric shredded by denim rivets, greased up with dropped bits of food. Inside of a month, I was sure I would be on my knees clutching the tattered remains of my beautiful Minted fabric, tears streaming as I shouted “WHYYYYYY” to the heavens. Perhaps a bit dramatized. Be that as it may – on to plan B!

I've had this big giant Ikea Expedit TV Storage Unit in my entryway for a few months. I knew I wanted to “turn it into something fabulous,” but really had no idea exactly WHAT I was going to do. The kids have been using the cubbies to store their school supplies and shoes, and we have hooks on the wall right next to it for coats & backpacks. It was functional, but certainly not mind blowingly awesome. And also let's not ignore that it was a tv storage unit sitting in my entryway. I think I can safely say that no major home decorating magazines have been clamoring for the exclusive on my quirky, yet totally lazy decorating style … or lack thereof. (Yes, I am aware just how bad this is. AND I LIVED LIKE THIS FOR MONTHS. *cries*)

Fab Furniture Flippin Contest | Ikea Hack | C&C

Look. Even the dog is depressed.

Easy peasy. I did this project in two days total. I wanted to change the at-a-glance appearance somewhat. While I do love this type of furniture for the durability & wallet friendly price point -it is a bit utilitarian in its boxy design. I picked up cedar planks, gate hinges, some screws, and some stain from the hardware store, and built some doors. They serve a dual purpose: add some visual interest, and hide those messy cubbies.


I cut out the two shelves in the middle to create a space to sit while removing shoes, and whipped up three tufted panels using my shiny awesome fabric and some sparkly buttons.


This part was easier and harder than I thought it would be. This was my first time doing anything remotely upholstery-like, and I found that it was far less complicated than I thought, but also more manual labor. Sweats were broken, my friends.


I am not a professional, and this is not pretty. But you know what? It's hidden in the back, so who cares? Don't be scared to do this yourself! You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish, even if you're a total novice like me.


For the tufting, I just used some sparkly buttons and waxed thread. See? Easy!


I popped the panels in …


Attached the doors …


Accessorized, and called it a day.


In the couple days this has been completed, I've found my 7th grader squished in here twice with a comic book and fuzzy blanket.


The front entryway gets really dark at night, so I added some LED's up top to create a bit of a nightlight.


I am so happy with my end result! It has the fun, silly vibe I like, and I think we can all agree this looks LOADS better than that monstrosity I introduced you to in the beginning of this post. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest
Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest


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