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Gorgeous Armoire Makeover | Pure&Original Paint | FFFC |C&C

Gory Details & Legalese

Hey again everyone! I'm back with another entry into the monthly Fab Furniture Flippin Contest. This month's sponsor is one you may not be familiar with yet: Pure and Original paint. All contestants were generously provided with two quarts of Classico paint in our choice of colors. The theme we tackled this month: Pure Colors, Original Elegance. A brief word about my participation in the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest: While the sponsors change each month, and provide me with product at no charge – I volunteer to participate. The sponsors don't seek me out, asking me to give them a good review in exchange for some free paint. I ask to be a participant, and the experiences I share with you are honest and straightforward. I've been lucky enough so far to have only worked with really good paints – but if something ever doesn't work for me, I'll let you know. If you'd like more information on participating in future contests, just shoot an email to info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com. The contest hosts are provided with monetary/product compensation to host this contest. All contestants are provided with product.

About The Sponsor

You may know by now I've worked with about a bazillion different kinds of paint on a bazillion different projects, and I can tell you with confidence that Pure & Original is different than any other paint I've used. The Classico line is 100% mineral, chalk, and water based paint. It is imported to the United States from Bruges, Belgium and tinted by hand just days prior to shipping. I can't tell you how cool it was to receive two elegant boxes with a quart packed inside each – and a sticker on top showing when it was tinted. The quarts are wrapped up like babies – bubble wrap, strong sturdy boxes, really protected. Because apparently in this narrative, that's how you ship babies. On a serious note – it really added a personal connection to my order – I suddenly visualized an actual human being, carefully adding pigment and mixing to just the shade I ordered, versus a giant factory just bloop, bloop, blooping color while a robot waits to close the can. Mind you, I have no idea how it really works, but that was the story I made up. AND IT IS AN AWESOME STORY. Anyway, the Classico line comes in – wait for it – well over 100 colors.


About the Paint

Now – less about the details, more about the personal experience. I can regurgitate press releases all day long, but don't you want to know what it's really like, in real life? Prior to this month, if you'd applied the word “luxurious” to paint, I'd just assume that was a clever way to say it was expensive. Now? I have a different take. This paint is thick. It can be thinned with water because it's water based – but I wanted the full effect of the rich pigment, so I used it as-is. It's creamy and smooth, not gritty or rough at all. It goes on like buttah – I actually exclaimed out loud (to the empty room, no less) OH WOW, this is REALLY NICE PAINT. The room withheld judgment, perhaps awaiting the finished project. It dries fast, and manages to look like velvet somehow. It's got this beautiful matte finish that looks … soft. You want to touch it. It embodies the word “luxurious.” My favorite part is that it doesn't require sealant – even OUTDOORS. While I didn't test the outdoor angle with this project, please trust and believe I'm going to do so soon. The finish looks so smooth and soft, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it being safe to get rained on and beat down in the North Texas sun. I'll keep you posted on that one. Here are the colors I chose:

pure-original_Bohemian-300x300 pure-original_EveningShadow-300x300

This Month's Star – A Plain Armoire

This month's makeover is a tv armoire that I bought at a moving sale. I was mostly excited because it's a real piece of furniture. Like, from a furniture making company. As in, it required no at-home assembly. Most of my furniture … a fair amount anyway, comes from my very favorite Swedish store and I love it very much. However I'd be lying if I told you there wasn't a bit of a grown-up-feeling thrill when I brought this piece home. We promptly ignored that it's for a tv and put clothes in it anyway. It's lived in our room, a hulking, gorgeous, black mass of modernistic beauty, just waiting for the right makeover.

Gorgeous Armoire Makeover | Pure&Original Paint | FFFC |C&C

Pure Colors, Original Elegance? I Think I Did it!

What you'll need:

One piece of furniture deserving of a makeover
Primer (Because you NEVER NOT PRIME. NEVER.)
2 quarts Pure & Original Classico Paint (I used Bohemian for the base, Evening Shadow for the art)
Stencil of your choosing (or making)
Texture Paste or Metallic Paint of your choosing

First things first, I slathered a nice coat of my favorite heavy duty primer on the armoire.
After sufficient drying time, I added two coats of Bohemian. The color goes on just a bit lighter than it dries – it's a rich velvety purple. Very light, but not a pastel. This paint is just so pigmented – it's amazing. I had initially planned to use Evening Shadow just to paint accents around the edges, but realized how boring that was going to be. I'm more than a little off, so it makes sense that my household is filled with things that aren't quite in line with standard. I found a piece of art on google showcasing a crane that I fell in love with. I converted the photo into an SVG cut file and enlarged it to match the dimensions of the smallest part of the door panel, then divided the whole into pieces suited to my 12×12 vinyl sheets. I ended up with four separate stencils, which I cut using Orcal 631 repositionable vinyl. You could save yourself some time by using your favorite pre-cut stencil of course, but I had a specific look I was going for and a custom stencil was only way I was achieving that. You do what's best for you – it's art, so it's always correct!

After lining up and affixing the stencils to the front of the doors, I applied a light coat of Evening Shadow with a small high density foam roller. After removing the stencil, I went over the whole design with a small angled acrylic brush and more Evening Shadow. It sounds like a ton of work, but this project only took me two days start to finish. I let everything dry overnight, then used metallic texture paste to add some dimension. An advantage to cutting my own stencil? I was able to isolate and recut the portions I needed to add my texture paste! Here's a shot of the stencil on the body of the crane, texture paste all smooshed on top – I'd removed a bit of the vinyl before I remembered to take a photo. If anyone is interested in the details of the texture paste & vinyl technique, I'll write a separate post with all the details of that venture.

Gorgeous Armoire Makeover | Pure&Original Paint | FFFC |C&C

If you choose this method – make sure you pull the vinyl off before your paint or texture paste dries. I don't want to talk about it, but I will say I may have a project I never posted because I thought I could come back later and take the vinyl off. I might have that on my hard drive. I might.

Slightly off topic but not really – I really really like this texture paste. I tried to capture it – it actually sticks out, in a 3D type of effect.

Gorgeous Armoire Makeover | Pure&Original Paint | FFFC |C&C

After everything was dry, I reassembled the armoire. And I love it very much.

Gorgeous Armoire Makeover | Pure&Original Paint | FFFC |C&C

My favorite part of this whole project is that I have just over half the quart of Bohemian, and almost the entire quart of Evening Shadow left. I see a lot more Pure & Original projects in my future.

These beauties are the hosts of the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest. Well, minus Charlotte, who we will miss terribly and wish her well in her new endeavors.

FFFC main graphic

This month's featured hosts – meaning they too completed a project – are Carrie at Thirty Eighth Street and Stacy at Anastasia Vintage. Please go check out Carrie's excellent revamping  of an old hutch that had been left for dead, and Stacy's nightstand makeover.


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